MINEstiched by Kudzai Zinyengerere

I am such a lover of all good things including fashion, reasons why I studied it too. For every time I see a designer put in work and create unique and beautiful pieces my heart pounds twice as much as it should. Each piece telling a different story, stitch by stitch. Before I get carried away I am here to share Kudzai’s story, shall we?

Memories Indescribable Now Eloquently stitched.

” I am Kudzai Zinyengere a Zimbabwean self taught designer based in Cape Town. I founded MINEstitched in 2015 with the goal to tell my story as well as give others the platform to share theirs. MINEstitched stands for Memories Indescribable Now Eloquently stitched , an ode to my late mother. She may not be here physically but with every stitch I tell myself she is watching and proud that I am doing this one thing I love with all of me. (golden tear moment) Being an African designer is a powerful thing at the moment with more eyes looking towards Africa, especially with the Africa is Now movement. We have the opportunity to share our rich culture with the world and in a world of whoever can get it done first we have the opportunity to do it before its expropriated.”

Designers have an important role in ensuring culture stays alive.

“I have heard people say that we are part of the reason the African culture is dying day by day, I disagree. Designers have an important role in ensuring culture stays alive. I am not sure what death of culture in the fashion industry would be when the African print has gone global, when African designers have dressed international stars, when our cloth is at high demand. In staying true to where we come from I think designers have the power to keep culture alive and in many cases teach the world about the different cultures. This is what is happening everyday.”

Designers have been blamed for the change in which is happening when it comes to dressing. They are somewhat the reason why African children are walking around ‘NAKED’ and therefore killing the culture. Pause, yes there are pieces that really are just that, pieces, why is your child picking that particular piece in the first place. Life is about choices, choices that we are groomed into, no? Some pieces are meant to be paired with another to complete but your African child preferred not to pair it, we getting somewhere? No? Ok then, topic for another day.

“There’s so much local talent which spreads throughout entire production processes in the fashion industry. With the right resources I would create spaces that are accessible to small brands to grow. I would try and cancel out all the hardships that I’ve gone through for the next aspiring designer, provide channels for them to learn how to make their dreams profitable. This happens to be one of the hardest things to deal with especially when starting off. Finding people that will believe in your brand and then go as far as buying into it is a whole mountain to climb. We learn as we grow, the money has to be made because because a girl has to got EAT you know !”

A full girl is a happy girl, you heard it!

Kudzai Zinyengere
Founder and designer at MINEstitched
Insta- @m.i.n.e.stitched_
Facebook – MINEstitched
Tel: 0767579745

Kudzai Zinyengere

T: +27 767579745
C: +27 767579745
E: minestitched@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MINEstitched/

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